Intellectual property strategy for the biotech industry holds immense commercial importance. Biotechnology is a research-intensive industry and biotech companies are responsible for some of the most innovative developments in the world. It is critical that companies have focused IP counsel and advice to protect their research, and secure patents as part of a carefully crafted IP strategy. 

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The success of the biotech business rests on the value of its IP, which determines whether the company will be able to attract investors and strategic partners. Clearly, the IP assets of a biotech business are key to its survival and long-term success. The IP is not only the product line, but also the data, ideas, trademarks, trade secrets, know-how and copyrights that accompany it. Companies should undertake basic IP due diligence to confirm the legal status of key IP components.

The start-up biotech company must keep abreast of the competition. It is essential to know who the competition is and what the competition is doing. It is recommended that before any major research or development endeavours are begun, a patent landscape search be conducted in the field of related research, products and services in order to gain an accurate assessment of what IP protection might be obtained by the company and the potential market value of such IP.

Information concerning competitors’ IP should be updated on a regular basis and the information disseminated to the business people and researcher so that informed decisions concerning IP and products can be made. Obtaining and maintaining patents involves risk management as well as asset protection, which can take up a significant portion of the company’s IP budget. Consequently, the start-up biotech company must choose wisely which innovations to protect and must put in place internal mechanisms for ensuring ownership of its IP and protecting the confidentiality of its business.

Common patentable biotechnological invention products are nucleic acids sequences, amino acidic sequences, plasmids, vectors, antibodies, antigens, epitopes, microorganisms as viruses, phages and bacteria, plant and animal cells, hybridoma and plants and animals not being varieties, and the like.

iVakil IP help client in biotechnology business with:

  • Sequences protection with letter code
  • Plasmids and vectors with components
  • Naked non‐viral recombinant vector protection
  • Bacteria, fungi, algae or other organisms with genetic modifications
  • Processes for producing a particular substance
  • Process of cloning new microorganisms
  • Methods to create new probes or amplifying vectors
  • Method to create transgenic seaweeds

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