Intellectual Property Strategy Consulting

Intellectual Property Strategy Consulting


While an organization’s Intellectual Property is clearly an asset, it is not the type of asset that shows up on a balance sheet and has an agreed-to value, like cash-on-hand, receivables, inventory and real estate. iVakil IP works with businesses, universities and other organizations that need an independent analysis of their patent portfolios and assistance in the development and execution of an intellectual assets strategy and IP lifecycle system. Which patents should be sold? What IP should be licensed? Which may have no value, and so should be abandoned? Finally, what patents or other IP should be acquired that will strengthen your overall IP portfolio? The answers to these questions will shape your organization’s IP strategy.

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At iVakil IP, we offer client to following services

IP Consulting Services

IP Strategy Recommendations and Implementation Plans

  • Assessment of IP Assets and Valuation
  • Patent Evaluation and Valuation
  • Prioritize IP Assets

IP Strategy – Lifecycle

Assessment of IP Licensing Plans, Strategies, Organization and Resources, and Any Litigation Issues

  • Provide IP Strategy for the Entire Lifecycle of products
  • Review R&D Strategy of Company
  • Coordinate and Align with IP Strategy
  • Define SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

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