Patentability Search Report


Patentability search helps determine whether an invention can be patented and what patent or non-patent literature documents would be relevant to that evaluation. The search seeks to establish any public disclosure of the inventive concept, anywhere in the world before the date of the invention under study. A patentability search is valuable before filing a patent application and helps to form a strategy to go for the patent application. The process is followed by preparing an informative patentability search report that helps the decision-makers, such as innovators or patent attorneys, in deciding whether to pursue patent protection for the said invention or not. The report helps to decide whether to pursue patent protection. The closest prior art found in a novelty search can also indicate any problem which may arise during patent prosecution and assists in constructing claims of your invention without stepping on known prior art.

The 3 essential elements of patentability reports such as key features of invention, searcher’s comment, and patentability opinion are critical in improving the understanding of the state-of-the-art.

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