Trademark Monitoring

Trademark Monitoring


Why Trademark Monitoring Is Required?

Considering Trademark is an assets of client, the best way to protect client assets is not just done by using a registered trademark, but also by monitoring applications for similar trademarks.

Once client acquire a trademark that doesn’t mean it is safeguarded completely. Getting a trademark in client name ease up the trademark enforcement and gives you extraordinary rights of use and ownership of such asset.

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Benefits Of Conducting Trademark Monitoring Process

Ignorance of a similar trademark for similar good/services can dilute your inherent distinctive trademark. By trademark monitoring you can protect the uniqueness of your trademark and stop others from using the mark. An opposition taken in timely manner can save your future time and money. If you don’t stop the other person from misusing the mark, consumers might associate the new mark with your registered mark, which may cause loss, harm to your business as well as reputation and goodwill.

Procedure For Conducting Trademark Monitoring

Trademark monitoring is a tedious process and consumes a lot of time. Every country has a trademark registry which contains records of trademark applications which are registered, pending before it which are normally called Trademark Journals. Every week on a certain day, the respective registry publishes trademark journal online. iVakil IP team keep regularly monitor for all the regularly published Trademark.

At iVakil IP Team, We Offer Client To

Regular monitoring and tracking of newly filed trademark application as well as to keep watch for any third parties who are infringing client trademark. Keeping a watch will help in the identification of potential threats and holding ownership rights will help you combat in infringement suits.

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