Portfolio & Business Strategy Consulting


Portfolio Management is a set of business procedures and competencies aimed at determining the best investments to make to attain the organization’s overall strategy. Individual projects and portfolios are subjected to quantitative finance and risk analysis as part of the value-driven project and portfolio management. Such assessments provide alternatives for increasing the value and risk structure of individual projects, and therapeutic areas, and entire corporate portfolios, on the one hand, and therapeutic areas or total corporate portfolios, on the other. Generally, a pharmaceutical R&D portfolio is built by integrating various assets. It can encompass small molecules and biologics (Phase I–IV) in the discovery, preclinical, and development stages, as well as medical devices. Less mature biotech companies are likelier to own a single project or platform with no significant R&D portfolio to manage. Large pharmaceutical and biotech companies have active portfolio management with various projects in varying stages of development. Portfolio decisions, such as medication candidate selection, portfolio prioritization, and optimization, are the most critical factors in determining the company’s total shareholder value.


At iVakil IP, We Offer Following Services To Our Clients

  • Business model optimization for building robust pipeline
  • Portfolio prioritization
  • Portfolio selection
  • “Go” or “No-go” strategy suggestion
  • Business strategy suggestion


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