Patent Landscape Report (PLR)


Patent is a product identity for legal protection

A patent landscape is a detailed patent analysis report which aims to give a single platform overview of a particular field providing multiple insights to decision takers. 

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Any new idea/invention which generated through human brain requires proper intellectual property assessment to find out about its patentability aspect before moving to next step. This assessment has been performed by preparing patent landscape report for in-depth patentability analysis relevant patents/patent applications exist on similar idea/invention. It is the primary and one of the most significant steps of the patenting process and requires thorough research.

These landscapes are used to understand a particular domain better by using patent literature and derive the various insights based on the patent cluster extracted. These searches are used essentially by R&D and product development teams.

A state-of-art study is carried out based on a domain focused landscape wherein the recent technologies developed over last few years are uncovered and scrutinized for further research.

Advantages of PLR

A PLR can help any client gain an overview of a technological area and to better understand ideas, problems and research on subjects, development topics and competitors and their placement in the field of patents.

Client can thus act in a more conscious and direct way when dealing, for example, with collaborations, optimization of a patent portfolio, the prioritization of investments and the monitoring of competitive activity.

iVakil-IP has dedicated patent attorney team with significant experience in core field and provides detailed PLR to client with relevancy opinion.

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