Trademark Opinion & Strategic Counselling

Trademark Opinion & Strategic Counselling


iVakil IP team guide clients, both national and international with their adoption of trade marks, conducting full trade mark availability searches and analysis, including common law searches.

Our expertise also extends to tailoring searches and opinions as per specific industry requirements. We cater to a diverse base of clientele across multiple sectors, advising them regularly.

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Protect The Increase Market Positionability To Do Business

If you don’t patent your invention, someone will copy it and enter the market with your product. So, you will have competition in the market. You may also lose the right to compete if that person files a patent for the product. If this happens, all your efforts and money will be wasted.

Increase Market Position

If you have a patent portfolio, you will increase the market position by preventing other companies from competing in your specific niche. You will thus get a better market position, and the competition will be low. So, you will get a good return on investment for your company.

Get Licensing Fees

You may not be able to commercialize your concept finally. But there might be others who have resources to turn your idea into a commercial commodity. Your company can then get licensing fees for using your concept.

Improves Company And Individual Profile

If you have a patent portfolio, it shows that you have a technical expertise and the commitment to inventing something. Investors and partners will appreciate it and might want to work with you.

Patenting products take time and resources, but the benefits of it are huge. Even if it’s hard for you, it is important that you get a patent for your invention.

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