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Acquiring a patent is a time-consuming and tedious task involving several prosecution stages. In view of the commercial importance that it attaches, as well as the investment made to acquire the patent, it becomes vital to protect and maintain it during its tenure.

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Patent offices charge a variety of fees to keep patent applications and patents in force over time. These fees are known by a variety of names, the most common of which are “maintenance fees” and “annuities.”

Some patent offices charge maintenance fees for pending patent applications, i.e., for patent applications that have not yet been granted as patents.  Some patent offices charge maintenance fees for granted patents.  Some patent offices charge maintenance fees for both pending patent applications and granted patents. Each maintenance fee must be paid within a particular window of time.  Failure to pay a maintenance fee for a patent or patent application within the applicable window causes the patent/application to become abandoned and therefore unenforceable.

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Easy maintenance of your patents at the national and international patent offices. With timely reminders and actions, we ensure that annuity payments and furtherance do not go amiss, helping you focus on more vital tasks of capitalizing the value and making the most of your invention.

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