Competitive Intelligence and Market Dynamics Monitoring


Competition intelligence is the process of gathering and analysing data in order to predict competitive action, spot market disruptions in the past, and objectively interpret occurrences. A pharmaceutical competitive market intelligence and market dynamics help the industry to gain insights around pharma market intelligence, make strategic decisions, and eventually enhance revenue. Company executives and top leaders require timely insights to make decisions that steer product development and determine the route to corporate success. The key to success is identifying the challenges and bottlenecks of the area and evaluating them to find solutions. This can be accomplished by different competitive intelligence services such as primary competitor & potential customer identification, analysis of demand in the market, business investor monitoring, etc. provided in the form of competitive intelligence report & market dynamics monitoring by several competitive intelligence firms.


Following Are The Benefits Of Competitive Intelligence & Market Dynamics Monitoring.

  • Enhanced Due Diligence in Licensing, Mergers, and Acquisitions

  • Improved Research and Development

  • Tool for diving into new markets

  • Stronger marketing and commercialization of the drugs

  • Powerful Portfolio Management

At iVakil IP, We Offer the Following Services To Understand The Industry Better. Through Various Sources Of Competitive Intelligence As CI Tools And Analysis Strategies, IVakil Team Can Analyze The Past Trends And Prepare Themselves To Better Respond To New Challenges, Making Their Enterprises Resilient.

  • Potential competitor’s identification by keeping a sharp lookout on the competitors 
  • Consult with the KOLs  
  • Monitor development milestones of competitors to back R&D progress
  • Tracking Industry Progress through Conferences, congresses, and trade shows
  • Social media network intelligence
  • Business case preparation of the product
  • Forecast of market
  • Potential launch strategy of competitor’s and its impact on the overall market in future

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