Litigation Strategy Consulting

Litigation Strategy Consulting


Over the past 10+ years we have advised on many complex intellectual property litigation consulting projects specifically First to File (FTF) and early generic launch opportunity for the most demanding and high-visibility clients and law firms. Throughout this long history we have provided our scientific, technical and legal advise on pharmaceutical and chemical patent litigation. By working directly with senior partners at top-tier law firms we have learned that there is no substitute for intellectual rigor and attention to detail.

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IVakil IP Team Advise Client In Following Matter Of Litigation.

  • Strategic advice on First to File, Open First to File and ordinary P-IV products patent challenge strategy for US market
  • Suggestion of P-IV filing certification strategy based on detailed analysis of patent to be challenged.
  • Advice and suggestion of suitable lawfirm for P-IV litigation in consultation with outside counsel.
  • Expert in preparation of litigation budget phase vice for US, India and Europe markets.
  • Familiar with country specific IP law to provide practical advice to client for niche and competitive product market early entry.

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